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HighFlow catheters

Consistant performance in a demanding field

HighFlow sets the bar for tunnelized dialysis catheters. Fabricated from a special carbothane formulation, the HighFlow offers a number of important material characteristics that:

• allow for thin walls which maximize inner lumen diameters
• offer strength while resisting kinking
• result in material which is thermosensitive and compliant enough to optimize patient comfort
• resist deterioration from alcohol and non-alcohol based antiseptics

HighFlow also provides a number of additional features:

• our wider cuff allows for a larger surface area for tissue in-growth thus providing a more secure anchoring of the catheter
• french size, catheter body length and priming volumes appear on the catheter to facilitate quick reference
• available in a choice of a straight or pre-curved “IJ” design

The introducer tray includes several key features:

• an improved tunneler flexible enough to allow excellent “shape-ability” yet provide sufficient strength for tunneling
• a superior safety scalpel which locks in place securely

NovaCath kit

Safe and reliable

NovaCath is a safe and reliable option for intravenous therapies and monitoring of central venous pressure in critical patients.

Standard kit for Seldinger technique of catheter insertion.

Raulerson Bulb Introducer is available as an optional component of the kit.


- Catheter body is fabricated by biocompatible, radio-opaque, kink resistant PU material.
- Specially designed soft tip prevents endothelial damage during catheter insertion.
- Color-coded extension tubes for quick identification of lumen.
- Incremental markings on the catheter body for quick and easy verification of insertion depth.

Raulerson Bulb Introducer:

- Allows one-step single handedly guidewire insertion.
- Eliminates the risk of air embolism.
- Prevents blood loss during catheter insertion.
- Prevents contamination of sterile procedure area.
- Eliminates the risk of CRBSI.