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The IN-PORT is a completely implantable access system for patients who require repeated delivery of cancer chemotherapy agents, parenteral nutrition, antibiotics, blood products and for blood sampling. The injections are less painful and the implanted port allows the patient to lead a normal day life between infusions. The IN-PORT consists of a compact P.O.M. (Poly Oxy Methylene) injection port with a self-sealing silicone septum and a silicone delivery catheter. It is easy to implant subcutaneously, and then easy to locate. The easy to puncture area is been made as large as possible and can withstand at least

1.000 injections with non-coring 22 gauge Huber needles.

Each IN-PORT is supplied in a double packaged sterile
(Ethylene Oxide) blister pack with:
• 1 peel-away sheath introducer
• 1 puncture needle
• 2 Huber needles (1 straight and 1 curved)
• 1 J guide wire

FB Medical offers a complete range of Huber needles: straight; curved; with extension sets; and a complete range of standard venous introducers and peel-away sheaths.